Run by French actors Jerome and Fiorina Sage, MSI is a recording, dubbing and translation studio specializing in all languages located in the Costa del Sol, in the province of Malaga (Spain).

Our studio offers a wide range of services such as:

  • Specialized audio-translation
  • Scripts
  • Sub-titling
  • Dubbing
  • Designing of sound effects
  • Audio and video editing
  • Audiovisual production

We work with native professionals who specialize in dubbing and translation.

We have wide experience in cultural management in the audiovisual sector, theatre and Flamenco dance shows.
MSI is also considered a leading company in this field thanks
to a solid artistic training.

Please tell us about your project,
we look forward to working with you!


Among our clients are important audiovisual companies that work on production, scripts adapted to subtitling and dubbing of films, TV series, documentaries, industrial and corporative videos, advertising for the international market, guided tours and multimedia products.

We offer the following SERVICES:

  • Guided tours: Cartagena, Burgos, the whole province of Malaga…
  • Audioguides for museums and exhibitions: Spanish National Heritage; Royal Palaces, Prado, Thyssen, Barcelona, Bilbao museums…
  • Official bodies: European Commission, Malaga Regional Government.
  • Documentaries for independent production companies:preproduction, scripts and postproduction documentation. 
  • Advertising: Foreign radios in Spain; Swiss Television;
  • Madrid TV (Telemadrid).
  • Fulllength films: “Andalucia”; “Y tú que sabes”.
  • TV Series: Rubí, Los Serrano, La Mujer de Lorenzo, Cor de Pecado.
  • Videogames and DVD Multimedia.
  • Online courses: Business management, language courses.
  • Videos for industry, business and local government:Health and Safety; food service industry; construction firms; real estate agencies; political parties.
  • Telephony: Answering machines.
  • Records: Amor Brujo; the Poitou Charentes Symphony Orchestra.
  • Web sites: Axarquía, Artepolis.


 MSI is a recording studio that is considered a leader in the audiovisual field. Thanks to a wide cultural diversity, this company offers an extensive range of translation, voice-recording, production and management services. It is located in the Costa del Sol and offers its customers a fast and comfortable service

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  • Fostex PM-05 MKII
  • Digidesign
  • XV-2020
  • Edirol Audio Capture
  • Pro Tools
  • Final Cut Pro

We export in any kind of video format.

We send audio in either .mp3 or .wav format.